Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Czech
MSI P55A-GD55 Intel P55 chipset socket 1156 mainboard rev. 2.1 - Noctua NH-C12P SE14
i5 750 Lynnfield 1024k L2, 8192k L3, default 2660MHz 133x20 1.180Vcore @ 3578MHz 210x17 1.112Vcore
2x 2048MB DDR3 1600MHz G.Skill RipJaws 9-9-9-18 1.7V (F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL)
2x 2048MB DDR3 1600MHz Kingston HyperX 9-9-9-18 1.7V (KHX12800D3K2/4G)
eVGA GTX 660 FTW 1072/1137MHz core, 2048MB GDDR5 at 6008MHz, 192bit wide bus
20" Hewlett-Packard LP2065 1600x1200 60Hz DVI
250G Samsung 850 PRO 512MB cache (MZ-7KE256BW)
1024G Western Digital Black 64MB cache (WD1003FZEX)
Sony Optiarc AD-7621S
Logitech MX510 red
Powered by Enermax Liberty 620W PSU. Fan replaced with ultra quiet one - you can't hear it spin at 7V from 50cm! Quite a few pics of how my main rig developed in time :)

PC celer
Windows XP SP3 Czech
MSI PM8M3-V (VIA P4M800) - Thermalright SI-128 SE
Pentium 4 650 3400MHz (200x17) 1.375Vcore
2048MB OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K 2-3-2-5 200MHz 2.50V
Sapphire R9100 128MB 250/200MHz @ 293/248MHz
19" iiyama ProLite E1980SD 1280x1024 75Hz DVI
250G Samsung 850 PRO 512MB cache (MZ-7KE256BW)
1024G Western Digital Black 64MB cache (WD1003FZEX)
NEC DV-4551A (16x DVDRW)
IDE 100MB zip
floppy with 7+1 USB2 reader Mitsumi FA404
Using PS2 mouse (Logitech MX510 red)
Powered by Enermax Liberty 620W PSU
OkiPage 14ex laser printer
NetGear WGR614 fireWall / 54MBi WiFi - OFF
D-Link GO-SW-5G switch

PC mati
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Dell OptiPlex GX110 (Intel i810E)
Pentium III 1GHz 133x7.5
512MB ram 2-2-2-5 @ 100MHz
80G Seagate 2MB cache (ST380011A)
integrated Intel i752 graphic 4MB videoram
CDR Teac CD-552E

PC duron
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Jetway V266B (VIA KT266A)
Barton 2800+ @ 2200+ (150x12.5) 1.625Vcore
1024MB DDRAM 2-2-2-5 @ 150MHz
80G Seagate 2MB cache (ST380011A)
GF FX5200 250/332
15" Teco TE555A 800x600 60Hz
ATA133 IDE drawer
floppy with 7+1 USB2 reader Mitsumi FA404

PC duron2
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Jetway V266B (VIA KT266A)
Duron 750 @ 909MHz (140x6.5) 1.850Vcore
512MB DDRAM 2-2-2-5 @ 140MHz
200G Seagate 8MB cache (ST3200822A)
GF FX5200 250/166 @ 290/205
Samsung 48x CDR (SC-148)

PC xima
Windows XP SP 1.0a Czech
Soltek SL-KT600-R (VIA KT600)
Duron 1600MHz 133x12 1.488Vcore
1024MB ram 2,5-3-3-8 @ 200MHz (FSB+33)
320G Hitachi 8MB cache (T7K500)
Gigabite GV-R9264DH (R9200)
20" HP LP2065 1600x1200 60Hz DVI
LG CDRW/DVD 52x24x52 a 16x DVD (GCC-4520B)
Powered by FSP300-60NP
HP PSC 1500 scanner
HP P1102 laser printer

PC testing3
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Jetway V600DAP (VIA KT600)
Barton mobile 2600+ @ 3400+ (200x11.5) 1.575Vcore
512MB Mushkin BH-6 Hi Performance 2-2-2-6 2.80V
GF FX5200 250/166 @ 290/205
80G Seagate 2MB cache
Samsung 48x CDR (SC-148)

PC trodas
Windows 2000 SP4 Czech
Sapphire "Grouper" A9RX480 (ATI RX480) a very nice board :)
Opteron 148 2800MHz 279x10 1.40Vcore
2x 512MB Mushkin 2.5-4-4-9
2x 1024MB OCZP4001G 2.5-3-3-7 231MHz 2.65V
Point of View 8600GT 256MB DDR3 540/1.4GHz

Veškerý HW níže uvedený je nezvěstný...

PC server - only passively cooled! pictures there
ECS P6STMT (SiS 630ET chipset)
1200MHz VIA C3 Nehemiah (133x9) 1.40Vcore
1024MB SDRAM 2-2-2-6 133MHz 3.3V
250G Maxtor 8MB cache (7Y250P0)
DVDrom Toshiba SD-M1712 16x48

PC trodas-jlx
ABit ST6R (raid)
1680MHz Tualatin naked (120x14) 1.600Vcore
512MB SDRAM 2-2-2-5 120MHz 3.3V
160G Maxtor 8MB cache (6Y160P0)
PCI GF4 MX440 64MB 80/166
IDE 100MB zip
Edimax 9130TXA 100MB NIC

PC webserver
ABit KD7-G
Barton mobile 2500+ @ 3400+ (166x14) 1.725Vcore
1024MB DDRAM 2-2-2-6 2.85V
120G Maxtor 8MB cache (6Y120P0)
GF2 MX400 64MB 80/166
DVDrom NEC 5700b 12x40

PC testing2
Jetway N2PAP-Ultra
Barton mobile 2800+ @ 3400+ (200x11.5) 1.700Vcore
1024MB DDRAM 2.5-3-3-11 2.50V
160G Maxtor 8MB cache (6Y160P0)
GF2 MX400 32MB 80/166

PC testing4
DFI Lanparty B
Barton mobile 2400+ @ 3400+ (200x12) 1.725Vcore
1024MB DDRAM 2.5-3-3-11-13-15 2.50V
200G Seagate 8MB cache (ST3200822A)
GF2 MX400 32MB 80/166

trodas was 2nd in the World at that time in CPU-Z underclocking - 10,74MHz
trodas as WOT tanker - WOT noob calc trodas - WOT viewrange info - under 300rd place in Battlefield 2 Antik private ranking stats - yep, trodas can play BF2 too :)

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